Harvesting Your Brain

The human brain is a fascinating “device”, which allows us to function and makes each of us unique. It’s our Central Processing Unit (CPU), and unlike the CPU in our computers, we cannot replace our brain with a faster one. So then how do we evolve and make our CPU run faster and more efficiently? I guess nobody has that definite answer yet, but I got some clues about improving the way we think / solve problems / generate ideas from one of my favorite books, Refactor Your Wetware. (btw, this is a great book, do read it.)

Consider the image below, which I find is a funny metaphor of our brain (borrowed from the book).


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Get yourself a Rubber Duck

Ever heard of the concept of Rubber Ducking? If not, it might be entirely unfamilar to you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are stuck with a problem, and it’s driving you insane. Sometimes you are sure you have a solution hanging on the side of your mind, or might be just puzzled and lost in your frustrations. Along comes a colleague or peer, and you start describing your problem and before you can even finishing, a solution jumps into your head! Bang just like that, you solved your problem.

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