Gadget: Shure SE210 Earphones

This is my first ever post on a gadget, and I cannot think of a better gadget to recommend than the Shure SE210. It’s not really a gadget per say, but an accessory used commonly with an MP3 player, which is a gadget…heheh. I’ve long heard of Shure being one of the best earphones makers in the world, but never got around to getting one. The opportunity came when I was at the Apple shop in Singapore Changi Airport, I felt a sudden urge to get myself one, so I decided to get the SE210 which can be considered to be in the middle range of their wide offerings. Shure’s cheapest headphone is the SE110 (about US$90) and the most expensive one being SE530 (about US$500)!!


Shure SE210 packaged contents

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