WPF DynamicResource memory leak

After some troubleshooting on WPF memory leaks, I came across a memory leak that occurs when using DynamicResource on resource keys declared in Application.Resources. You can read about this problem being discussed on msdn forum and stackoverflow. To fix this problem, fortunately there’s a patch for .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 resolved this issue.

If you’re developing in Silverlight, no issue as there’s no DynamicResource. If you’re developing in WPF, I urge you to consider if there’s a need at all to use DynamicResource. If you’re not using SystemColors, SystemFonts or themes in your application, StaticResource should be considered because DynamicResource are re-evaluated at runtime whenever the resource is requested which is an overhead. If you’re not familiar about their usages, you can read more about them here.

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Upcoming new features for WPF 4

Scott Gu has released new feature for WPF in the upcoming VS 2010 and .NET 4 framework.

Read about it here. I must say I’m looking forward to playing with it, very impressive.

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Article: Great F# Overview

My colleague sent me a link to a great F# overview from Chris Smith, who presented at DevLink and is a member on the F# team at Microsoft. Everything you want to know about F# on a high level is covered in his post, in a very objective approach.

Check it out here.

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Article: Great jQuery tutorials

Some of the best JQuery tutorials I’ve seen so far. Enuff said.

Read about Best jQuery Tutorials for June 2009. Enjoy.

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Article: Kerberos explained

If you develop on the Microsoft Platform, no doubt you would have encountered challenges with authentication using Kerberos. Colleague of mine recommended a great article of how Kerberos authentication works step by step, with scenarios of delegation from multiple servers. Also explains how to configure Kerberos for Sharepoint.

Read article here.

Article: JQuery with ASP.NET MVC

I came across another great JQuery article on MSDN magazine, with great examples used ASP.NET MVC framework. It’s definitely worth a read!

Read the JQuery article here.

Article: Microsoft Patterns and Practices

I came across a good article on MSDN that talks about the separation of concerns using Enterprise Library (now at 4.1), using the Object Builder framework and Unity Application Block for Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control, with examples of incorporating it into Model View Presenter (MVP) pattern.

With quite a number of open source frameworks (like Castle Windsor) out there that do these already, it’s refreshing to see that MS is churning out their own pattern frameworks for .NET Development.

Read article here!