MSCRM AsyncService timeout during Import Customizations

I was performing a CRM deployment to a TEST environment today, and we use the CRM SDK to do that. You use the ImportCompressedAllXmlRequest which takes in a compressed XML Customization file (if you have a .xml file, you can use code to compress it), and uploads it to the CRM Server.

However I was getting Timeout Error from the MSCRMAsyncService. Quite peculiar, and from looking at the Trace logs, it was timing out of a update statement to the AsyncOperationBase table. I quickly did a query, and found more than a million rows in there. AAahhhh….that explains why.

Apparently it’s not uncommon for this table to grow to a humongous state, and it’s not optimal. There’s lot of unnecessary data in there, and causing problems for my deployment. Turns out you need to clean that table up using some SQL scripts, and after that regularly maintain it using batch jobs. Here’s the SOLUTION. By the way, the delete script takes hours to execute, so leave it running overnight!

Here’s a more detailed article explain why this happened in the first place. Hope it helps.

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