Tip/Tricks: Glimmer Tool for JQuery

If you’re new to JQuery and want to learn or already know enough, but lazy to write JQuery code by hand, have a look at Microsoft’s Glimmer Lab. Glimmer is a free tool you can download and there are wizards you can use to spit out Html, Css and JQuery code in a .js file for you. Some cool things you can at the moment are DropDown Menus and Tooltips.

Just follow the wizard and you get your cool effects in a flash! This is Version 1.0 and I’m looking forward to see more cool things to be made available for developers. Simply awesome.

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2 Responses to “Tip/Tricks: Glimmer Tool for JQuery”

  1. Karsten Januszewski Says:

    Hi – Wondering if you have built anything using the tool and if it is public?


    • Ed Foh Says:

      Hi Karsten,

      Nope, have not had the chance to use the tool to build anything public yet. Have used the tool though, and it’s great, but I find myself writing JQuery by hand most of the time.


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