Prism: Adding more colors to WPF and Silverlight

Light_dispersion_conceptual_wavesMicrosoft has recently released an updated version of Prism for WPF/Silverlight (Prism v2), as part of their Patterns and Practices Composite Application Guide.

This library or framework provides guidance for developing Enterprise Level applications for WPF and Silverlight, which encourages a loosely coupled, easily testable, modular structured approach with a few good use of design patterns.

On a high level, this is my dissection of Prism’s main components:

I “stole” this diagram from MSDN website, which depicts the architecture of Prism. Hope that paints a better picture.

Prism is a very good starting point for anyone attempting to create a complex WPF/Silverlight application. I have previously worked on a rich client application that uses MVP pattern with DI and IoC, and that was a great experience and fun to work on.

Personally, I feel that some of the concepts within Prism are not new, but the great thing about Prism is that it has managed to encompass all these good concepts into a unified package. More importantly, I hope Prism will help more developers out there to understand and appreciate the importance and value of well-designed applications.

Useful Resouces

Download Prism v2 (Feb 2009)

Design Patterns used in Prism

Videos: How to create Prism Silverlight 2 application

Guidance on UI Composition

Xaml Guidlines for creating a composite UI

Guidelines for creating Multi-Targeting projects (WPF and Silverlight sharing same code)

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  1. Creating a simple WPF application using Prism: Part 1 « Code Blitz Says:

    […] Prism: Adding more colors to WPF and Silverlight […]

  2. Rabeeh Abla Says:

    Great Post
    Thank you

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