Gadget: Shure SE210 Earphones

This is my first ever post on a gadget, and I cannot think of a better gadget to recommend than the Shure SE210. It’s not really a gadget per say, but an accessory used commonly with an MP3 player, which is a gadget…heheh. I’ve long heard of Shure being one of the best earphones makers in the world, but never got around to getting one. The opportunity came when I was at the Apple shop in Singapore Changi Airport, I felt a sudden urge to get myself one, so I decided to get the SE210 which can be considered to be in the middle range of their wide offerings. Shure’s cheapest headphone is the SE110 (about US$90) and the most expensive one being SE530 (about US$500)!!


Shure SE210 packaged contents


Growing up in an environment filled with audio equipment and having a father who is an audiophile, I’ve learnt to appreciate good sound, and the Shure SE210 delivers just that! You can hear the high, mid and low ranges with precise clarity within this small device, although the bass could be a bit punchier. It’s noise isolated, so you only enjoy the sound that is musical, not of someone talking next to you.

A common problem I’ve experienced with my other earphones is that it’s pretty easy to lose the rubber sleeves because they fall off pretty easily. Shure’s earphones have a little wedge so that after you fit the sleeve in, it would be prevented from falling off. It also comes with many different types and sizes of sleeves as you can see in the picture. Apart from the normal rubber sleeves, there’s also an interesting sleeve which is made of “squish-able” foam. It deforms when you compress it, and resumes it’s shape when left alone. After trying out the different types, I found the foam sleeves to be most comfortable, and fits perfectly in my ears. Why didn’t the other companies think of all these??!?!?

The downside is that these earphones are larger than the normal, and also the cables are thicker than conventional kinds. That however doesn’t hinder one from truly enjoying these magnificently made headphones. I bought these at about 205 AUD, and I reckon it’s worth every single cent. It’sa pity that these earphones are not placed for consumers to test in the Apple stores, because I’m now extremely curious as to how the SE530 will sound like….:)

I personally use my Ipod to listen to lots of music, podcasts and audiobooks, and I believe a pair of good headphones is a necessity. If you look around while you are commuting, almost everyone will have a pair of headphones plugged in, and what amazes me the most is the large number of people who still use those crappy Ipod earphones. They suck big time, not comfortable and just awfully designed. If you are guilty, please do yourself a favour and get better headphones, it’s a worthwhile investment and you will enjoy much better sound and greater comfort with the right earphones.

In my opinion, I find these earphones value for money. The reason I say that is because other earphones I’ve previously bought are ranged in the AUD 150-ish, but they are nowhere as good as the Shure. However, I’m not a professional reviewer, so you should search Google for reviews and form your own opinions.

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